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Ereaders For Children

Ereaders For Children

One of the greatest gifts you can give a child is the ability - and desire - to read. Reading opens new worlds for children. It takes them outside of boundaries safely. It forms bonds between them and those reading to them. It gives them the ability to understand and to learn. Reading is their future, and interest in using ereaders for children is growing.

Here we're going to look at the place of ereaders for children in the high technology future that's coming. We're going to look at how colour ereaders for children can ignite interest in books and encourage children to want to read.

First we need to recognise that most children love to be read to, and when they're ready many love to read too. But not all. Some struggle and give up, some don't get the same opportunities, the same encouragement, as others. So any ways that might encourage a child to read are worth our attention.

So why focus on the potential of ereaders for children as a way to generate encouragement? Surely the paper books that have been enjoyed for centuries are enough?

Of course they are in many cases. Paper books have been enough for centuries.

But times are changing. Ereaders are becoming more popular by the day. Ereaders are becoming more affordable. They're becoming recognised and accepted as a normal way to read. Just as it's becoming 'normal' for children to have - or at least have used - mobiles, smart phones, tablet PCs etc.

There's evidence to suggest that even adults step up their level of reading when they get access to an ereader, so there's a good chance a child will too.

So actually it's easy to see how colour ereaders in particular can take a place as a growing child's must have gadget. They've had mobile phones, they've had games consoles. Now it's the turn of the humble book to take it's place on the list of 'cool things I must have'.

And if that encourages the desire of a child to read, it's definitely something that should be enabled.

What Benefits Do Ereaders For Children Provide?

Children of different ages are always at different levels with their reading ability.

Some may be having difficulty recognising letters and stringing them together to make the right sounds. Ereaders have features such as text to speech, so the device can read aloud as the child is following.

Some will be struggling to understand words and their meanings. Built in dictionaries mean that children can look up new words they come across to get their meaning.

And when we add colour and pictures to the mix we're adding one of the greatest ways we learn and make associations -  by the use of images.

And don't forget the benefits of entertainment on long (or even short) trips. Every parent knows how difficult a long journey can be for children. The storage capacity built in to ereaders means that a huge number of different books can be taken along too. Plus when you bring colour ereaders in to the equation you get video, music, games, and web browsing too.

And, of course, the storage capacity inherent in most ereaders makes it easy to take dozens of books along on car trips, holidays, and other outings.

Which Ereaders Are Best For Children?

There is a huge choice of ereader makes and types - both in quality and cost.

Clearly an ereader intended for use by a child needs to be:

Brightly coloured, attractive to look at
Easy to use - power on/off, navigation, book selection etc
Have access to a valuable amount of content
Probably needs to be fairly strong and able to take a battering

If you're intending comparing colour ereaders to find the one best for your child or children, the first thing to consider is probably their age and responsibility level. If they're not quite ready for an expensive device that might be broken, you might want to look at some of the readers being made especially for children.

These are simple to use. Downloading doesn't need to be done online. Books can be loaded from cartridges in a similar way to games. They're designed to appeal to children just the same as some portable games systems - bright flashy colours, big easy to use keypads and controls, and good protection cases.

Here are some good examples of specific ereader models for different aged children..........

Ereader Models For Younger Children

Vtech are probably the most well known creator of child focussed electronic devices. They've concentrated on developing ranges of interactive learning toys and learning gadgets that offer good educational benefits for your children at various stages of their development - from baby, infant, toddler, right up to preschool and grade school ages. They know that children learn initially from hearing rhythm, rhyming, and the sound of words, and they've built a great range based on those learning principles.

The Vtech FLiP

The is an ereader which outwardly looks similar to a more adult orientated model, but actually is focussed on pre-school ages. It was the world's first animated ereader designed specifically for children.

The FLiP sports a transparent flip up cover and colored buttons. With a 4.3-inch color touchscreen display, built in
dictionary, and a QWERTY touch keyboard it delivers a fun way for children to learn by getting then engaged with stories.

Books are purchased on cartridges (anywhere between $12 and $20) with a wide range of titles available. Cartridges are normally sold separately, though some offers on the ereader may get it to you bundled with free titles,

Just the same as in kids paper books, there are features which make noises when pictures or buttons are pressed. Retailing at just around $50, the Vtech Flip is a good solution for younger readers from around 3 upwards.

Using this type of ereader is a great way for a parent to introduce the option of reading from an electronic device, while still keeping all of those paper books to hand too. Perhaps mix sessions up.

Get more details on specifications plus some valuable Customer/buyer reviews.............

The Vtech FLiP Colour Ereader For Kids

The Vtech V Reader

Similar to the Flip, this one suits a slightly older age group. It features an SD memory card slot for expansion and a USB connection port.

The Vtech InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet

With this new device Vtech are venturing more into tablet territory, and they seem to hae got it just right.

The InnoTab is designed for children aged 4 to 9. You'll find it at Amazon priced at around $80 - $90.

The Innotab Tablet Reader For Children

5 inch colour touch screen and tilt-sensor for educational gameplay

MP3, photo viewer, built in video player

Plays ebooks, educational and learning games, creative activities...all available from the vTech online store or Amazon.

Comes with 64MB storage plus memory expansion via SD card

Ereader Models For Older Children

You'll need to make a decision on which age is right for your child to be handling slightly more expensive items, but probably by around the age of 5 to 8 it might be the right time to be giving that responsibility. Almost certainly at 5 and 6 you'll still be reading to them, and this is a great age to keep the focus on enjoying books to give them the desire to read alone in future.

Certainly by 8 or 9 it's likely that any keen child will be getting more adventurous with their reading. They may well be using your ereader to do so, but at least you'll be having full control over what they are reading (be as careful as always with internet access though). Most likely they'll also no longer want to be associated with 'kids stuff'.

It's now that you're probably going to need to be looking at getting them a fully fledged colour ereader model. I won't mention the full range of ereaders here again. I have a page here on the site devoted to colour ereader comparison which is useful to look through, especially if you are considering a colour capable model.

Maybe start off on Amazon's Kindle page, move on the the Nook or Apple's iPad, then widen the search if those most popular devices don't work for you. All are capable of displaying full colour children's books, as well as all of the content which adults want too. Plus you'll find access to apps and other services which may aid learning - movies, music, and education games.

What Types Of Books Can You Get For Kids Ereaders?

The recently announced release of Amazon's new Kindle Fire color ereader has sparked additional interest in children-focussed e-books. Ereader manufacturers are beginning to take additional interest in making sure that parents have a wide range of content to choose from.

Amazon have got off to a good start with the colour Kindle, releasing over 1000 kids titles.

The biggest issue with e-book publications is going to be the cost. Childrens books are expensive in paper form, the digital versions can often be more costly. However, there are publisher who are focussing on development of app type books. These offer audio story telling, text that highlights as the story is read, learning games etc.

IStoryTime offers app type reading material for the Nook, iPad, iPod, and iPhone.

It's worth remembering that many children, especially as they get older, love classic stories. And luckily enough, many classics are free to download. Just make sure that any ereader you buy has the ability to use the ePub, Adobe Digital Editions, and PDF ebook formats. That should ensure you have a wide choice of titles and places to buy them from.

Where To Get Kids App Books

Picture book type apps for children have become highly popular, with childrens stories regularly appearing in top ten lists. IPad book- app sales lists are a good example.

Disney Publishing recently stated they've had more than one million downloads of their book apps, which feature popular Disney characters such as Winnie The Pooh and other from movies such as Toy Story and The Lion King.

Here's a link to Barnes & Nobles childrens ereader ebook store. 100's of easy to find picture books  arranged in the store in logical categories and subcategories. The Nook is a good ereader for children with many of the kids ebooks offering a choice that lets a child read alone or be read to. Texts can be presented in landscape as a double-page view and turning pages is simple, with the ability to zoom in on pages by pinching the fingers on screen.

Want More Info On Ereaders For Children?

In case you haven't found what you're looking for here on this ereaders for children page, here are some additional resources which are worth checking out:

This article at Wikibooks examines the art of choosing high quality childrens literature, It's a worthy read and of course applies to both print and ereader books.

There's a valuable forum thread at Mobileread.com titled 'which ereader for kids'.

If you want to understand more about how illustrations appeal to children and their impact on them, here's a comprehensive list of books which cover the subject - Illustration & The Art Of The Picture Book.

Parents-choice.org is a great site which examines pretty much every area of child learning development. Here's a link to the reading section of the site.
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