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By joining a respected ereader forum you'll definitely be getting one of the best ways you can find others who will share a deep interest in colour ereader technology. If you want to join in on discussions and have your say about colour ereaders in general or find out what other fans are saying about specific models such as the Kindle Colour or the Nook, then apart from commenting on blogs an ereader forum is the only place you might get that chance.

Forums in general are great places to find people who are willing to share experiences, and they get you a super chance to share in the benefits of belonging to a helpful and knowledgeable community.

Many of the forums that contain threads on ereaders are of course general technology related, rather than dedicated ereader forums. But there are some great dedicated forums to find, and with the growing interest in ereaders you will always find a thread that's of interest. You may also find that some of the major ereader manufacturers host their own forums on their official websites.

So, you have probably arrived at this page of colourereader.com looking for a colour ereader forum. I must admit I've considered the idea of building one here, and that idea might still come to fruition at some point, but the truth is that forums take a lot of work and time to moderate and ensure they keep valuable information flowing.

I thought better to focus more on the content of this site. So, on this page I'm going to be listing a collection of valuable ereader forum threads with an aim to show those that contain the most valuable information. You should be able to find a good balance of negative and positive views on ereaders in these threads.

Forum Thread
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