Benefits And Features Of Colour eReaders: Elonex 710Eb And 500Eb

As a provider of up-and-coming gadgets to an ever-growing UK consumer market, Elonex has elegantly and successfully moved itself into the increasingly competitive eReader market. With the introduction of the (now elusive - more on that later) Elonex 710EB and 500EB, reading fans are sure to find what they need in these colour eReaders.

Certain features are often found on almost all eReaders currently on the market: wi-fi connectivity, keyboards, highlighting functions and the ability to borrow and share books and other content with other users are a few. Following are some additional features specific to these models, though the list is certainly not totally inclusive.

Let us start with looking at the great benefits and features Elonex has brought us with the 500EB:

-a 5 viewing screen allows for easy viewing of ebooks, comics, newspapers and photos

-complete with a media player for viewing 720p AVI films, this is more than just for books

-using revolutionary LCD technology, the colour screen does not produce as much eye strain as other eReaders

-headphones are included in the purchase price, so you can listen to music or audio books while on the go

-the convenient size and light weight of the 500EB makes it perfectly portable for travelling

Before we begin to look at the benefits and features of the 710EB, a disclaimer must first be issued: No one seems to know what has happened to it. It has disappeared.

There are product descriptions, release dates, preorder information and even user reviews available online, but Elonex itself lists nothing about the 710EB eBook Reader.

Here is what we found:

-unlike its 5 predecessor, the 710EB was listed as having a 7 viewable screen; large by any standard of the industry

-like the 500EB, this model is also rumoured to have supported multiple forms of media: music, video, audio books, ebooks, and photos

-with further advancements to the LCD screen technology, Elonex was boasting an 8-hour battery life after a single charge

-speculators suggested there would be a release date of 31 July 2010, but as early as 20 August 2010, there was no information to be found

-2GB of internal storage was the spec offered, which obviously does not leave much room for video, but with wi-fi connectivity, online viewing is always an option

Manufacturers of new eReaders are constantly announcing new, upgraded, and better models. The Exelon 710EB and 500EB are great examples of what to look for in future models. We can only hope a re-release of the 710EB is forthcoming soon, and in the meantime we will take advantage of the full suite of features we get with the 500EB.

Elonex Colour Ereader