My name is Steve Cross.  I'm the owner/chief developer of this new website www.ColourEreader.com. I'm hoping to develop this website into one of the leading comprehensive online sites dedicated to covering all aspects of colour ereaders and associated ereader accessories. The plan is to have sections of the site covering everything you'll ever need to know, and it's intended to provide complete information in an easy to read format on any products you'll need whatever your requirement.

And why am I building this site?

Quite simply, I love reading and writing....and I love building websites. The two go hand in hand.

I picked up this domain name - colourereader.com - in early 2011, after reading about the proposed Kindle colour ereader. The Kindle is a device which has exploded in popularity over the last few years. Mine's had it's fair share of use!

I've always been interested in new developments in certain areas of technology, especially with products that scream out that they're something special. Everyone reads books, so the potential for colour ereaders to become an enormously popular gadget is almost endless.

So ColourEreader.com has been out together to get the message out. We can expect many more developments in the field of colour reader displays. 

Here we are. These are the early stages in the development of ColourEreader.com. You're reading one of the first pages. Please check back regularly for new developments.

For now, ColourEreader.com will act as an information channel. In future, I hope to be selling models directly through this site.

I hope you get the information you're seeking on this site, but if you don't then feel free to contact me and let me know what's missing.

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Welcome, and enjoy your reading!